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Architectural control

Architectural control

Any changes or additions to your home must have prior approval.

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Architectural Control Committee request form.


Remington Oaks is a deed restricted community.

Deed REstrictions

Our legal documents require advance approval by our Architectural Control committee BEFORE any changes or additions can be made on or to the homeowner's property.  Most community associations throughout the country have some form of architectural review committee.  Although the scope of these committees vary, the general theme is in order to keep some semblance of uniformity and balance within the community, property owners must receive advance approval before exterior changes/additions are made.  You must first present an application to the Architectural Control Committee depicting the type of work, who will do the work, etc.  To download an application please click on one of the links provided above.

Design review within an association has a least two purposes, to establish and preserve a harmonious design for a community and to help protect the value of the property.

One might disagree with the need for external uniformity but the fact remains that if the association documents require such external uniformity then that is the law of the association.  It is binding on its members.  You should always read your association documents carefully to learn the scope and purpose of the architectural review committee.

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Architectural Control Committee request form.